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Our company was founded in 1971 with main object offset printing. In 1989 we entered the packaging market, first producing handmade shopping paper bags. Since then, we have a growing course in the packaging market, constantly adding new packaging products.

Since 2013 we have turned to markets, mostly within EU. We export our products to Germany, Italy, France, Norway, ever abiding to the highest standards of quality.

Nowadays, having adhered the real meaning of printing and packaging, we provide our clients the highest level of services, so as to keep up with the undoubtedly high demands of synchronous business environment. During the days where even the feeling of Unboxing a product is in fact the precursor of its quality, every single detail in packaging is a sign of every well-known and esteemed brand. A product with a perfect packaging is what impresses consumers the most, in a way to be the fundamental element of his future relation with the brand.

In our fully owned facilities, we have equipment covering all stages of production, from design to the final product.
Our goal is serving the needs of our clients in quality, consistency, and by all means competitive pricing.

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Why us

We can deliver in short lead times from order.

We function with very strict time to delivery.

Our philosophy is to deliver a perfect quality product that will set our partners apart from the competition.

We are trusted by some of the bigger companies in Greece and Europe.

We use raw material of the highest standards for our production.

We strongly care for our environment. Therefore, we strictly recycle all waste that comes from production.


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