KL-PACK was founded in 1971 with main object offset printing. In 1989 KL-PACK entered the paper packaging market starting to produce paper shopping bags. In 2008, already having large experience in commercial packaging KL-PACK started the production  of paper boxes and food packaging. During these 45 years of functioning Kl-PACK has achieved enormous experience in printing and packaging, so as to be an economically healthy and with constant growth company.

KL-PACKs main involvement, is offset printing. We specifically produce, magazines, books, shopping paper bags, boxes, professional cards, brochures, product catalogues, posters etc. Everything produced in our vertical production chain, from the idea to the final product.

Since 2013 we have made a turn to European markets as well. We managed in two years, our exports to be the 20% of our gross income. Our goal for the next two years is our exports to reach 50% of our production.

Nowadays KL-PACK having adhered the real meaning of imprints and the synchronous needs of packaging, produces high quality products that fulfil the undoubtedly high standards of imprinted communication. In our privately owned printing factory, we have all the equipment needed to cover all stages of production function from design to final product. Our aim is to serve all our customers needs for quality, consistency and competitive pricing. For as every single customer is special and is treated as such.

Apart from providing high quality services, companies have to be socially responsible. KL-PACK recycles all useless paper destroyed during production. Other printing residues are gathered by waste management company so as not to pollute the environment. We also recycle all our office supplies, such as printers cartridges, old equipment, batteries, that way fulfilling our debt to environment and mostly to next generations.

Despite of the difficult economic environment, our company is always optimistic for the future based on its high quality products. And we keep on going…