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Offset printing

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The offset printing is still the most common way to print, especially in large runs. This is because offset presses achieve incomparably greater print speeds from those of digital printing equipment. Also, because offset printing system has, at least for now, much better printing results despite the high speed printing. Additionally offset printing has a more specialized printing effect printing more colors than simple CMYKs, with fifth, sixth, pantone colors, gold or silver colors. Additionally, it is a far cheaper way to print comparing to digital devices.

The most important relative advantage of digital printing to offset printing lies in short runs. Regarding few pieces of cards, brochures with small runs, ie order of 100, 200, 300 copies, digital printing is clearly the best way to print, because CMYK printing directly from the archive, resembles much to an ordinary office printer. In the corresponding case of offset printing, in order to print such small runs using offset method, because of the fact that it requires pre-press process, editing, separations, films or reproductions ctp, is a clearly costly way to print. So in conclusion we say this: Large print runs offset, digital for short runs.

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