Shopping Paper Bags Shopping paper bags is one of the products KLPACK produces which is for sure a value adding product for its content. The finesse and elegance of our shopping paper bags predisposes the quality and high value of the content. Furthermore shopping paper bag is a direct way of advertising a company and its brand. Even as a way of packaging exhibition gifts shopping paper bag is a way of further promoting the company with an stand or a kiosk. Depending on the kind of paper used for the production of paper bags, we can separate it to casual or elegant depending on the simplicity or the post press perfecting of the paper bag such as lamination, UV vernice and many different handles. Last but certainly not least reason of choosing shopping paper bag as a way of packaging products, is the fact that it is a 95% to 100% recyclable product. Consequently it is a product that does not further burdens our environment. Shopping paper bags is a qualitative, elegant and above all ecological way of packaging.